Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Travel update numero uno

Yes we're still alive! Just having too much fun to be bothered trying to post our handwritten 'blog' diary entries online - so here's a quick summary.

We've made it to down to Florence, and are absolutely loving being back in Italy.. But the past few weeks in Poland, the Czech Replublic, and Austria have been brilliant!

Looking back on it all this is what we've done: we flew into Krakow only 3 weeks ago, though it feels like it's been months! - Krakow and what we saw of Poland really surprised us, and our visit to the Auswich-Birkenau camps was a moving experience.. from there we travelled to Prague which was a lot of fun (meeting up with friends Jarvo & Jenna) and a very impressive city to explore, but all those beers and late nights meant we relished a few nights relaxing in the beautiful southern bohemian village of Cesky Kromlov in the southern Czech Republic.. after that we moved over the border, saying goodbye to the old Communist bloc and opening our packet of Euro notes as we entered Austria - here we met up with Carly's mum Jen, auntie Tess, and brother James for 3 nights of classical Vienna which was a big beautiful european city to experience.. Note: at this point the price of beer and coffee tripled.. Not good.

Then with James coming along for the ride we went west to Salzburg and soaked up 'The Sounds of Music' for a few nights. We then left Austria and travelled (via Milan) to the stunning northern towns along the edge of Lake Como (yes, it is amazing Willow!) in far-northern Italy.. From there we went back to Milan and spent a long but great day walking the buzzing streets of the fashion capital Milan, before hoping out to the coast and a long awaited visit and stay on the beautiful Cinque Terra.

After dragging ourselves away from there yesterday afternoon we arrived here in Florence last night, and after getting a great cheap meal and vino and walking some of the city late last night, it looks like we'll be here longer than planned. James heads off tomorrow to Spain to continue his trip, while we travel southwards in a few days time to immerse ourselves in Tuscany-proper. We can't wait!!

Sorry there isn't really much detail or commentary in there about each of the places, but we have been putting pen to paper and keeping a diary of-sorts of all of our little adventures, although with so much to see, do, and taste everywhere we go it's unlikely we'll be spending the time in web cafe's to add much detail until the end.

Ciao for now.. the sounds of all those Vespa's buzzing past on the streets of Florence are calling us.

-shane & carly


At Thu Nov 23, 06:25:00 am GMT+10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

C´mon Spargo, we are waiting for another update. I haven´t been able to sleep in anticipation!


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