Thursday, August 03, 2006

More Spargo, this time at the Bedford in Balham

Earlier tonight we headed to the Bedford pub in Balham, to see Melbourne band Spargo, who we'd previously seen in Liverpool last November. Carly spotted their line-up of UK gigs on their website, and because of our Croatian trip next week this was the only one we could get to which is a shame because the headlining gig they're doing next week in Putney would be great. Fingers crossed they'll come back to London before we move back to Brisbane in December.

The Bedford live music set up is an interesting one - they have 6 or so bands/performers on one night, and cycle through them using the same stage set up and each band plays 2 songs before moving off and another band coming on to play their 2 songs - after they all have a turn they have a short intermission, before they all come out again and play another two tracks.. It makes for an interesting and diverse range of music coming to you in quick succession - basically its all about the music at the Bedford which is great!

Spargo came on midway through the first sets, and belted out two great tracks. During the intermission I went up and said hello to the guys, not expecting them to remember me at all from when I'd met them in Liverpool - surprisingly they recognised me and we had a chat about what they'd been up to over the last 6-7 months since the last UK trip and also what they have planned for this stint in the UK. I also got one of the first of their new UK tour EP - Adult Cinema - and was lucky enough to get off of them a rare copy of their first self-titled EP which had previously been sold out - so I now I have the complete set! They came on last in the second round of performances and played two excellent songs to finish off the night before we had to dash out the door to get the tube home.

If you want to check them out, their newly updated website is, and their MySpace page is at They've also updated their website gallery pages to include some great shots of them at various gigs.

I think they're a great band (the name has nothing to do with this opinion!), so be sure to check out their websites and download some of their demos and give them a go.

Now after walking in the door half an hour ago, I have to pack my bag for our Croatian trip, as we leave for London Luton Airport on the first tube at 5:11am.



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