Thursday, August 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Jay

Today is my youngest brother's 16th birthday. I spoke to Jay on the phone last night our time before he dashed off to the train to school, and again this morning before he went out for some italian dinner with the parents. It sounds like he had a good day..

I made him take the above photo on his birthday and email it over, to compare it with the one below taken only 11 months ago when he was in London with me - he looks so different! He also informed me that he is now 1.73 cm tall. That now puts him only inches below me! Whatever happened to my little brother who could walk underneath the overhang on the kitchen bench and we could hide in cardboard boxes?! Madness!

One of my favourite photos

He told me that he'd scored a set of number plates for his birthday, which is a bit of a tradition in our family to get them on your 16th./17th birthday to put on that first car. So stay well out of the way of JAY-090 when you see it racing around Brisbane in the next few years. And in a big surprise for me - he's apparently recently got contact lenses, so the Harry Potter-esque glasses we all loved are gone!

those plates!

Happy birthday from us mate!



At Sat Aug 26, 04:43:00 pm GMT+10 , Anonymous Meg said...

Happy Birthday Jay!! :)

You are obviously wise beyond your years... if only I had invested in contact lenses by my 16th biddy instead of my 28th... if only!!

Spectacles schmectacles!!


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