Friday, August 25, 2006

Haggis farewell

Last night was the last hurrah for what is affectionately known as 'The Haggis People' or 'the boring Haggis couples & Pip' - our group of friends we met on our Haggis Christmas tour of Scotland last year is finally splitting apart as the first of us leaves London to move elsewhere.

So to celebrate what has been a great 9 months meeting up and having some great times, we met in a pub in Mayfair to consume a lot of wine and many many beers while having a good laugh and catch up since we've last all got together.

(photo coming soon)
l-r: Pete, Sueanne, Trish, Santana, Toni, Vaughan, Carly, me, Jenna, Richard, Pip

They're a great bunch of people which we'll really miss getting together with - but I think everyone will try their best to keep in touch as we all spread ourselves across the globe after our time living here together. Pete & Sueanne are of course staying in London for a while longer, after some Europe and U.S. travels Trish and Santana are moving back to New Zealand ("back to where the sound of Te Awamutu has a truly sacred ring" I recall Trish!!?? Ha ha!) but then in January they're coming to live in Brisbane which will be great, Vaughan and Toni are hanging around London for a bit longer, Pip too is staying in London for now, Richard and Jenna are heading back to Perth after some European travels like us, and of course we're Brisbane-bound later in the year. So it was the last time for a while that we'll all be together like that.

Goodbye for now Haggis crew, but no doubt we shall meet again soon.



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