Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Football is back!

Summer is fading fast, the days are shortening, and all of the teams have released their new strips for the coming season - yes, football is back to dominate the press and the office kitchen conversations..

This year the Arsenal have moved into their huge brand new stadium in Highbury, North London - Emirates Stadium - and have already played a friendly testimonial match there against Ajax to celebrate the retirement of Dutchman Dennis Bergkamp.

Emirates Stadium; Highbury, London (photos from

But last Saturday (Carly's birthday) the Premier League season began with the first Premiership match at their new home against Aston Villa, which ended in a 1-1 draw. We were away in Belgium for the weekend celebrating our birthdays so there was no way I could have visited the stadium and then watched the game in a nearby pub as I had hoped to do - but my workmate and fellow Gooner Andrew A. did go to the ground, and purchased for me a souvenir Match Book from the first Premiership match at the new stadium! I was well impressed when he gave it to me yesterday as it is a going away present to me from the big Ghanaian.

So it has been carefully wrapped for safekeeping for our trip home - and I've promised him that the included poster insert that came in the booklet will be going up in my back shed at Northgate.

It is going to be a long season trying to follow their matches from afar - no doubt plenty of late nights watching Champions League on SBS and streaming Premiership games on the web.



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