Sunday, July 09, 2006

Willow's birthday picnic

To celebrate her birthday, our friend Willow wanted to have a picnic in the sun. So she booked everyone in early (a must in busy London) and yesterday we all headed down to Eel Brook Common (which is the unnamed park behind Fulham Broadway) to sit around eating and drinking the afternoon away. We still find it amazing that as soon as the sun comes out in this country, everyone flocks to any peice of grass they can find to catch some rays and make the most of what little good weather there seems to be sometimes - you just don't appreciate it enough in Australia..

I’d hit my favourite street markets that morning so my picnic comprised of some pretty special stuff – Carly, who had worked all morning, didn’t seem to be all that impressed with my wares when I met her at the park.

A bunch of the guys there laid out some goals and we got stuck into a great game of World Cup inspired football, while all of the women seemed to sit there and drink all the wine.. A perfect English summers' afternoon.

the birthday girl

With all of this time spent laying around drinking had gotten everyone in the mood for carrying on, so we packed up and headed to the Mitre pub, just near Shorrolds Rd, where we spent a while on some of the outside tables. Around the time that we ventured inside the night, the night began to deteriorate – the girls took apart some of the floral arrangements on the tables in the bar area, and as you can see from the photos we all seemed to be enjoying ourselves.

leah & carly; leah, carly, & workman
(click here to see the rest of the photos)

ben & willow with what was left of the flowers

willow & carly

Ben & Leah then dragged us off to the Salisbury pub, which he’d been talking up all afternoon – so by the time we got there we were in fine form and carried on until closing time and yet another call for ‘last drinks’ which we’d become used to this week.

Soon after we all went back to Shorrolds to get out picnic gear, Willow had ducked off upstairs for a snooze, and without our host it was really time to go home, via yet another long walk down the North End Road.

Happy Birthday Willow.. we hope you enjoyed the week of festivities!



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