Friday, July 07, 2006

Farewell to Andy, for now...

A few weeks back we heard the exciting news that our friend Karen’s partner Andy had been offered and had accepted a temporary role with the UN Habitat organisation to work on post-Tsunami reconstruction projects in Sri Lanka – an amazing offer that I for one wouldn’t turn down. So with summer well and truly here in London, he chose to gather all the usual suspects at a favourite fair weather venue – the Queen Mary boat moored on the Thames at the Embankment – to say goodbye before he left on the first leg of the stint on Saturday night..

Me and Payne

I had offered to take some portrait shots of him and Kaz, and so after we’d managed to get a few Corona’s into him to get him smiling I shot off a few with the intention of getting some good ones for the two of them to have while he is away working. I ended up with a few that i'm pretty happy with.

Many of Andy’s mates were there, including all of the running team from the RunLondon last year, many of the Platinum Players from the Italian ski trip this year, plus all of our old Brisbane friends. With everyone so busy over here it rarely happens that we get everyone in the one spot like this so it was a fantastic few hours catching up.

As with every trip to the QM, it slowly spiralled out of control and not long after the sunset we were being herded off of the top deck as the bar and boat began to close up for the night. When they decided that they’d had enough of us it was ‘last drinks’ and we were ushered off the gangway and off home on the Tube.

Good luck and farewell for now Payne.. we’ll see you soon enough Buddy!! Eye of the Tiger!!



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