Saturday, July 01, 2006

Early morning Piccadilly

I've been wanting to get some good shots of the area around Piccadilly Circus, but strangely I wanted to get some while the place is empty. My plan is to try and get a series of special shots from our time in London, which I can print in black & white for mounting in our home down the track. Early morning was the key for this normally packed out tourist haunt, and the long daylight hours of summer, combined with summer time meant that I could get there at 6:30am, and have the place completely empty, but full of glorious light making it feel like a ghost town. Below is the result.

Piccadilly Circus, W1

I then went for a walk around some of my favourite parts of the area, such as the shirt makers of Jermyn Street where I brought some beautiful business shirts a few weeks back.

Jermyn Street, SW1

I then wandered up across Piccadilly to the famous home of traditional bespoke tailoring, Savile Row.. one day I'd love to be fitted up for and purchase a bespoke suit from here. Simply beautiful suits and shirts.

Savile Row, W1

And I then rounded off my early morning tour by looping around and onto Regent Street, whcih since we've been living here has been one of pour favourite shopping strips - since I first saw it on one of our first days I've been in love with the long continuous curved buildings that follow the street around from Piccadilly towards Oxford Circus.

Regent Street, Piccadily end

On the tube trip home, I got an interesting shot of the tracks eastbound out of Earls Court - showing the old arches in the embankment wall on the left, the hopelessly bent and warped tracks of the District Line, and the large amount of haze already in the air as the summers day begins to warm up fast.

I got home just after 8:30am. Carly had been on one of her recent night shifts and walked in the door just before me, in time for breakfast.



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