Thursday, July 20, 2006

Britain Bakes

England had apparently been in a heatwave, but with temperatures only scraping 30 degrees most Aussies I know had been making fun of the poms as they complained about 'melting' in the heat. Today, it was serious. At 2pm it got hot enought to break the all-time hottest temperature record for July in the UK - 36.3C, measured near Gatwick Airport. It was bad enough that, in honour of Gav & Buse back in Brisbane, I donned my double-pluggers and wore them to work instead of the usual business attire - so now an additional 30 or so English know the critical difference between having that extra plug in their 'flip-flops'.

London was absolutely boiling, and on the tube on the way home even an empty carriage didn't help as the trains ran painfully slow with speed restrictions on all lines and it took me over an hour to make my usual journey. Here is what my London weather widget was telling me at 10pm tonight..

It got so hot, that our office was treated to a couple of stunning topless sunbathers who had set up their towels on the bank of the Thames with the tide out just out front of our office bulding, for a few hours of afternoon sun - much to the amusement of every guy in the five storey building who seemed to be more interested in the river view than normal. More was to come though when they failed to notice that the tide had turned and had began coming in, (which it does at a very rapid rate on the Thames) trapping their exit. We all watched and laughed as they quickly donned their clothes and climbed up a ladder into our courtyard to make their way through our building to get to the street.

the view from my desk yesterday - I suddenly had an office full of new friends who wanted to visit me

It's meant to begin cooling down tomorrow (still a max of 30 degrees), although the heat is holding well into the night and the terrible humidity that we'd been getting over the past few weeks is set to return. As anyone who's spent any time in both Central and north Queensland will know, it's much better to have it 36+ and no humidity, than 26 degrees and high humidity. London is no different.



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