Sunday, June 18, 2006

Foo Fighters in Hyde Park

On Saturday night after a huge day out being tourists in the City and West End, we joined 85,000 people to watch the Foo Fighters play a sell-out concert in the huge summer stage area they erect in Hyde Park each year.

The show was their biggest UK concert ever, and being our first big-scale outdoor rock concert we were just in awe of the scale of the whole thing. As much as their good fun, the smaller festival or stadium crowds just don't compare to this kind of event. Over the 90 minute set they got through all of their hits, and several others from older albums that Carly and I didn't know too well but the rest of the crowd knew every word to! Towards the end of the main set, we were treated to a Freddy Mercury tribute, with the band bringing out Queen guitarist Roger Taylor to play the intro to We will rock you, followed by Queen drummer Brian May and the Foo's playing Queen's Tie your mother down. The poms absolutely loved it, and as they played Dan and I just kept yelling at each other "I can't beleive we are watching Queen in Hyde Park!!".. It was a fantastic bonus on top of what was a great show anyway.

My Hero was my favourite of the night, although the encore finalé of Dave Grohl playing Everlong by himself at the end of this huge catwalk extending way into the crowds not far from where we were was also brilliant.

Below is a 30 second video of the band belting out Monkey Wrench, in which you can see Dan and Sophie and friends jumping around in front of us, and the huge stage and screens not far off in the distance. Behind us you can see the never ending sea of people that stretched back towards the Marble Arch end of the park. Just click on it to play it (but if you're on dial-up, its probably best that you wait and watch it from work).

Here's the NME write-up of the concert, which will save me some time raving about the details.

Fingers crossed they'll release a Live album recording of the concert, similar to what the 'Chili Peppers did for their last Hyde Park gig.



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