Monday, March 06, 2006

the trainspotterspotter's make it home

Since late last year, ex-LDA planner collegue Nicholas and his now fiancé Sophie have been travelling home after living and working in the UK for three years. Now plenty of people move overseas and then return home after a while, so why is this scenario any different? Because these guys made a committment to do the journey home from London to Fremantle without flying! No planes at all! None! Just land or sea transport! Simply Brilliant!!!

It's a fantastic concept which took a bit of thought and planning but ended up being an amazing adventure from London to Europe via the Chunnel and across Europe via train, then a very long train trip across Siberia and Mongolia, by boat and train through parts of China, then through SE Asia by various means, then the final hop from Singapore on a container ship into Fremantle Harbour. If you want to read all about it, the travel blog they kept on their little 12" iBook along the way is excellent reading - go see for all of their tales and various photos taken by avid photographer Soph.

Cruising into your home city on a container ship sounds a lot more adventurous and tempting than simply trundling out of the arrivals gate at Brisbane International with all of your collected life in a worn-out backpack..



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