Monday, March 13, 2006

10 year anniversary in London & Copenhagen

Thursday the 9th of March marks 10 years to the day since Carly and I went on our first date, to the movies on a Saturday night back in Brisbane. So on thursday night we went out for an amazing dinner at the OXO Tower restuarant, and sat at a window seat over looking the Thames with viewes across the City. The food was perfect, the restuarant was stunning, and the night was just brilliant - topped off by a ride home past all of the iconic London landmarks in one of the restuarant's serviced cars - very classy.

The next day we had a very early start - despite sporting hangovers we had to be at Gatwick Airport for a very early flight for a long weekend in Copenhagen.

After a delay in the flight leaving Gatwick, we landed at Copenhagen airport with bright blue skies above, and in contrast some snow still lying on the ground and very cool temperatures outside. We headed into the city on the train and walked with our weekend bags to our hotel - the impressive Marriot Copenhagen down on the waterfront, with views from our room over the city skyline dotted with church spires, and also out to sea towards Sweden across the bay where they have constructed the impressive Wind Powered turbine farm just offshore which i've seen previously in photography by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

We ditched our bags there, grabbed the cameras, and headed out with scarfs, hiking boots and coats on to walk around the town centre to get our bearings. Being a working day it was interesting to see the business centre of a European city like this, especially once the end of the day came around and they headed to all of the small bars and restuarants ...

more to come soon



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