Friday, February 10, 2006

We're moving down the street, across the road, and down another street a bit

She's done it again - my amazing fiancé has delivered the goods on time and under budget and on the 21st of February we will be getting the keys to our new flat just down the road in Beaumont Crescent, West Kensington. Click here to see how far we'll have to move from one postcode to another!

Last night I inspected it for myself after she had first seen it with the agent on Monday afternoon, and I signed the lease on the spot. It is a one bedroom flat in a converted terrace house, overlooking another very typical West London terrace-lined street, which is just off North End Road where the local shops and Underground Station is - so we have managed to stay in the same great neighbourhood that we love, without having to back onto the tube line again, and into an even better flat for only a slight increase in rent.

I'll be emailing out our new postal address in the coming days to those who need it, and according to the BT website we get to keep our same landline number. And if all goes to plan we will be able to smoothly transfer over our ISP to the new flat and remain online the whole time through the move. We have to be gone from the old place on Baron's Court Road by close of play on Thursday 23rd February.

Once we're in there I'll do a proper entry with photos of the place and a full description. This is just the perfect place for our second summer in London, so we're pretty excited to be making the move ahead of time while it's still winter. Although each day we're noticing that the days are already getting longer.

Summer's coming.



At Sun Feb 12, 01:15:00 pm GMT+10 , Blogger Masey said...

Nice work champ... good to see you found somewhere nice and close. 38 second travel to move stuff too! Peachy!


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