Sunday, February 26, 2006

Welcome to Beaumont Crescent

After the long move on Tuesday afternoon and evening, we’ve now gone back and cleaned up the old place and happily handed back the keys to the agent, very content that we’ve made the right move.

Our new street

Over the past few days Carly has set up the inside of new flat from scratch and today I finally got the last of it all put away into its place, and got some photos of the inside of the flat, and also some great shots of the best part of the flat – our very own rooftop terrace above our flat which is prime for summer BBQ’s and gatherings!

The flat is a smilar size to our last one, but with a smarter layout which makes better use of the space in what is essentially a loft conversion on the roof of the terrace building.

The kitchen and bathroom has been rejuvenated prior to our moving in with new appliances, heater/boiler, shelves, cupboards, tiles, and flooring. And it has a full size fridge - which we beleive is one of only 58 existing in rental flats in Greater London....


The bedroom is an above-average size for a one-bedroom place with big sliding door cupboards (good for storing all my shoes Gav!), a window looking south which lets in plenty of light, and as well as the rest of the flat has just been repainted, and recarpeted as part of the renovation work they only completed the day before we moved in!


The main lounge/dining room has a huge floor to ceiling glass sliding door which opens out onto a small front patio on the street front side of the building, and from their you climb a ladder to access to roof which covers the entire floor area of our flat under it.

Verandah & stairs to rooftop

And just to give it that authentic 'on the rooftops of London' feel (think Mary Poppins!) it has chimneys along each side of our roof area from the lower flats fireplaces, and a railing at each end to stop our drunken friends from falling the 4 storeys to the street at the front and the ground floor garden at the back. We've been promised a new dining table setting and couch to replace the old ones, so the plan is to keep hold of the existing dining table and chairs to use on the roof for parties, and the big one - we're going to put the old sofa on the roof as well!! We figure it will be a great place to sit on summer evenings after work, sipping on a Magners cider as the sun sets..

Our very own rooftop terrace

From the original photos I took this morning on what is a crisp clear but freezing day you can just make out the London Eye wheel on the Southbank near Waterloo, and the prominent BT telecommunications tower near Goodge Street and Tottenham Court Road in the West End. The rest of the City buildings are obscured by the Earls Court Exhibition buildings not far away, and the Empress State Building at West Brompton – in the other direction to the west you can see the planes landing or taking off from Heathrow, and the shiny glass on the Hammersmith Broadway and office buildings. It really is an impressive view across the surrounding west London suburbs.

The London Eye on the horizon, and Earls Court Exhibition Centre

The nearby Empress State Building at West Brompton

Because we’re just around the corner from the old place, we’ve got the same shops as before, though they’re just that little bit closer. And the closest Best Mangal kebab shop is now at the end of our street!!

Although with this flat we’ve lost having a pub just across the road, we’ve more than made up with it with the fantastic roof terrace which will be the ultimate venue for BBQ’s, drinks, and late dinners on those balmy English summer evenings as the sun sets across the rooftops and chimneys on the terrace houses.



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