Monday, February 27, 2006

off to St. Albans, and then to the snow

Finally, the time for more European snow skiing has arrived. I'm excited!

With Carly having left on Friday for her lightning trip to Brisbane (a sad goodbye), I've spent the last few nights drinking and carrying on with Dan which has been fun. Plenty of crap to be discussed, and plenty of beers to be had. Friday nigth was particularly good after dropping Carly off at Heathrow, I went over to his place and after missing the last train had to head back on the night buses! Nice.

And then today, while sporting a hangover from a Saturday night at the terrible O'Neils pub in Leicester Square I've had to get myself packed for the trip and then haul my backpack in to work, where I had to finish off the last of a mapping project before my week away from the office. Got it all done though.

I'm now sitting on the Thameslink train from Blackfriers Station in the City, heading north out to St. Albans where Karen W. is going to pick me up and i'm then spending the night with her and Andy before tomorrow's rediculous 4:30am flight from Gatwick, meaning a 1:15am alarm clock to make the drive around on the M25 to the airport.

But it is skiing in Europe, so I'm willing to overlook that!



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