Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Moving House

Well, we've moved house.

This afternoon we spent nearly 6 hours walking backwards and forwards between our new flat and the old place, like a pair of pack-horses carrying everything we own in boxes and bags down the street, around the corner, and up 4 flights of stairs to our new flat on the top floor in Beaumont Crescent. Sueanne and Pete saved the day with the use of their car to move the few heavy items we have (TV, books, desk, etc) down the street; and with that done we grabbed some beers and Best Mengal kebabs, quickly got the TV connected, and watched Arsenal beat David Beckham's Real Madrid 1-0 in the European Championship game at the Bernabeu in Madrid.

The renovations on the flat look like they were only just finished in the days before we have taken posession, but it has been finished off very well which is what we'd nervously hoped for having only seen the place when it was half pulled apart and under construction. Fresh paint on the walls, brand new carpet, brand new kitchen, new boiler and heating system, revitalised bathroom, and reasonably new furniture means we're set for a great summer in this new place.

The floor of the flat is covered in boxes and bags, and we've just spent an hour trying to find a place for everything - it looks like there'll be a few more nights of doing this until everything finds its permanent home. Our clothes are just stuffed onto the large number of bedroom cupboard shelves for now, so they'll need to be looked at again when we can be bothered.

Once we get everything looking respectable I will take some photos of the place and get them posted on here.

Time for sleep. We are both shattered with sore arms and sore backs. It will be a new experience not being able to hear the District and Piccadilly line rumbling past the building at night - not that it really bothered us, but it will feel like we aren't at home.



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