Wednesday, February 15, 2006

English Smoking Ban

As I awoke this morning in Birmingham and read the morning papers in the hotel, I am surprised to see that last night the House of Commons has voted with a huge majority in support of a full smoking ban in enclosed public places; including pubs, bars and private clubs. Pending the drafting of details of the legislation, it will be in force come summer 2007. It might have been the cynic in me but I just didn't think the Parliament woud have the balls to do it. Good on em'!

For anyone who has ever been into a poorly ventilated English bar or club, you can understand what this will mean for non-smokers when going out - and for me the benefits of this law coming into place were made very obvious when we travelled to Cork in Ireland this time last year to visit my brother and girlfriend, and we experienced smoke free nights out since they successfully introduced a similar law.

Its pretty simple - if people still want to smoke when they go out, they just go outside.. and from other examples such as Ireland etc. its been proven to bring about an immediate reduction in full-time and social smokers, and in turn this can only reduce demands on the health system in the long term. Of course civil libertarians are up in arms about the denial of freedom of choice - but no-one's really giving a toss and they've hardly been noticed amongst the commentary on the decision which is good to see.

Don't people realise, this stuff kills you! If you want to keep on smoking it, piss off and do it outside away from my lungs and those of the employees pulling my beers!!



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