Friday, February 17, 2006

All the way with the LDA

When it rains it pours.. This has been the most fantastic week and it isn't over yet!

After my previous interviews and on-going discussions with team management, yesterday I finally received in the mail my formal offer from the LDA for my fixed-term permanent role as an Urban Renaissance Planning Manager (basically a Senior Planner for those back home), which I've promptly filled out and handed back to the people in HR.

So goodbye contracting, hourly rates, timesheets, and expense forms - and hello once again to a salary, paid holidays, paid Bank Holiday days, and secure employment tenure for the rest of the time I am living in the UK..

While it has taken me 15 months to acheive this goal, I'm damn glad to be sitting here today looking over the Thames from my desk, knowing that I've done it.

Now the real work begins.



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