Monday, February 27, 2006

4:30am departure from London

As much as its only 12 hours since I've been tapping a blog entry, I'm going to try to keep up to date with at least a few notes every day or so of what I get up to on this ski trip. I remember the last one to France like it ws yesterday, but its the small funny things that happen that you tendto miss when you try and write journal entries after the event.

I arrived at Andy's parents place (Karen and Andy have been living there while they've been house hunting and now reniovating their new house nearby) and we've been joined by another member of the ski team, James (Jimbo), who is an old mate of Andy's.

After a quick dinner we headed to bed to try and grab what was less than 3 hours sleep, before several alarms on phones began beeping on or around 1:15am - time to get ready, get in the car, and get going by 1:30am. Also travelling down to Gatwick with us is Andy's brother Richard (Richie Rich or 'Safety First' Rich) who got even less sleep than us!

We arrived at Gatwick a little late after missing the well-signed off-ramp, and once parked we meet the other 3 lads at the check-in desk, where I had the pleasure of meeting Andy Edgar for the first time, and his brother Matt and fellow team member Lorby the Lobster..

After a terribly unhealthy breakfast snack at McDonalds on the way to the departure gate, we boarded the chartered tour group plane and took off for Torino/Turin, which until last night was home to the 2006 winter olympics..

The team is assembled. The ego's are already charged up. This is going to be a mad trip. Me and six English lads together for a week in an Italian ski village. What am I doing?

Part of the team as we leave the plane

We landed in Turin on time, and amongst all of the Winter Olympic banners and signage everywhere we eventually got our bags and headed out to the bus for the very short transfer up to Souze d'Oulx.



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