Saturday, January 28, 2006

Thames Whale latest update

Well, it seemed like the whole world was watching London exactly this time last week as a Northern Bottlenose Whale, normally a local of the freezing depths of the North Atlantic, found its way up the Thames estuary. The stupid thing travelled past my office here at Tower Bridge (we didn't see it though) and upstream as far as the Albert Bridge in Chelsea, where unfortunately its health deteriorated and the decision was made to try and rescue it and take it back out to the open ocean.

Sadly though, the whale died enroute from causes unrelated to the rescue - simply it starved and dehydrated because of a lack of its natural food during its time in the English Channel and while in the river. Of course this week the media still hasn't let up about what has almost become the biggest single event to happen in London since VE Day. Surely the same energy could have been expended on trying to get the District Line running reliably?!?

And with such events comes the usual barrage of e-mail banter in the form of pictures and jokes that clog up your office Inbox. Below is the best one of those that I've received (click on the image to open it to its full size in a new window).

Damn funny stuff!!



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