Friday, January 06, 2006

The Producers with Mike & Bec

With Mike and Bec here for a week before they head back to Australia from their year in Ireland, we've been just hanging around the house all week while London is treated to its typical January weather of cold temps, minimal daylight, and drizzly rain that hardly seems to hit the ground and just hangs around annoying you. Just like last year, this weather is fustrating enough to relegate the month to visits to museums and art gallery's while everyone recovers from the excesses of December.

But their visit prompted us to see a West End show last night that we'd been putting off seeing for months - The Producers

(Picture coming soon)

The production, written by funnyman Mel Brooks, had been seen by most of our friends before us, so we were expecting big things. The musical is a stage version of Brooks' film of the same name which starred Gene Wilder. It won a record 12 Tony awards when it started on Broadway where it originally starred Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderrick, so it has been doing very well in its West End run. Without giving too much away the show is the story of a 'down on his luck' Broadway producer, Max Bialystock (Fred Applegate), and his accountant Leo Bloom (John Gordon Sinclair), who concoct the perfect money making scheme: Produce a premeditated certain theatrical flop by the name of Springtime For Hitler, from which they plan to keep the capital raised from backers - but of course, things don't go to plan..

Considering the name of the show they produce - Springtime for Hitler - combined with the writing of Mel Brooks, you can imagine it is hilariously inappropriate and crosses all boundaries related to the war, Nazi's, Hitler, etc.. and the brilliant score has had Michael humming lines from the theme song around the flat for the days following.

Go see it.. you'll love it. Or, take the easy way out and watch the movie when it comes out soon, starring the original Broadway main actors Lane and Broderick, and also funnyman Will Farrel.



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