Tuesday, January 03, 2006

finally back to London (for now)

This morning we returned to London from Cornwall. It was a fantastic drive on almost empty roads, as we got ourselves up very early to beat the 'returning to London holiday traffic', and I wanted to give the VW Golf a good hard workout on the very nice A-- and M- roads before I had to return it to the hire car office. I want one of these when I get home!! Brilliant cars! You just can't beat German engineering!

As we sit here back in our very messy flat I can tell you that we are completely exhausted after what has been over 3 weeks of non-stop travelling and frantic packing and repacking of bags between trips, and throw in a few days of work here and there and you have what was our very hectic December and festive season 2005/06. And we wouldn't have had it any other way!

We have met some great new people on our tour to beautiful Scotland who we'll be catching up with soon; i've taken some fantastic photos of things that i've always been wanting to see; we spent a brilliant week in what has become one of our favourite places anywhere - New York; and we had a fantastic new years with friends in a beautiful part of England that we hadn't seen before..

Now back in London, we have my brother Michael and fiancé Rebecca staying with us for a few days on their way home to Australia, so there'll be a few late nights catching up and hearing all about their recent 3 months travelling through Western Europe, and their exciting plans for when they return to Toowoomba.

As for us, well, back to work tomorrow for what promises to be a very busy year ahead - we will be sitting down in the next few weeks and mapping out (literally) where we want to go in 2006, which will be our last full year living in the UK before we head back to Australia.

And there is a project in the pipeline to develop a proper on-line photo gallery, so that everyone we know can view our travel photos on the internet with minimal fuss rather than putting too many of them in the blog - i'll keep you posted on when it is available..



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