Friday, December 16, 2005

why do we catch buses, when we know we hate them

Last night, we travelled from New York city, up through Connecticut, and into Boston in Massachusetts. Sounds lovely doesn't it.. WRONG!

Because the high price of rail in the U.S. means that it is almost worth flying in most cases, we opted to take a Greyhound bus between the two cities, a journey of just over 4 hours. In short, it was the worst bus trip we'd ever been on!!

We got on the shitiest bus i've ever been on from somewhere in the middle of the queue, only to find that every person ahead of us was a 'single', and that we had to sit in seats behind each other. Not a problem... at first..... as we slowly crept out of Manhatten, taking just on an hour to clear the streets and avenues and make it off of the island and over to Brooklyn near Yankees Stadium where we joined an expressway to head out of New York.

Travelling north-east (from my memory of a map) we were headed into some forecast bad weather as the traffic began to slow and thicken around us, and the scheduled 4 hours began to stretch out. As the sleet began falling through Conneticuit we encountered delays because of numerous accidents, and in our seperate seats we were getting very little rest after our very busy last few days in New York.

We finally entered the bus/train station in Boston well over an hour late, and on entering the concourse and reading the signs we realised that almost every service after ours back to New York and elsewhere on the eastern seaboard had been cancelled that night because of the expected weather conditions on the roads. We were then grateful for our good timing, considering that it could have been a lot worse if we had been stuck somewhere!

Instead of negating the Boston 'T' tram and trolley car service, we just hopped in a cab and paid to get over to our hotel on the north side of the CBD, where we checked in and to our surprise were treated to an upgrade to a fantastic huge 2 room suite with free wireless internet (where i'm posting this from now on our PowerBook), two massive Sony TV's with 60 cable channels, and a huge bed and views of the city. Lovely.

We contemplated a walk into town to get dinner, but considering the weather was worsening outside, and we'd spotted a McDonalds a few doors down from the hotel, we opted for some rubbish feel-good food from the Golden Arches - proudly only the first time we'd done it while in the U.S.

This morning when we finally woke, we opened the curtains to find the weather outside had worsened overnight as forecast, so while we wait for the sleet and gales to stop and the sun to come out later today (according to the forecast), we are enjoying the chance to finally sit around and do sweet bugger all while on holidays! Oh, and watch all of the 60 cable channels while we have the chance!

We'll head out later when the weather improves and see what Boston has to offer..



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