Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Photos from an average week of our lives in London

A fantastic quote I read in a travel photography book i've got, has been ringing in my head this past week:
"It is the greatest boon on earth to the travelling man, like myself, to be able to bring home, at no small an outlay of time and money, a complete photographic memorandum of his travels."

(The Birth of Photography: The Story of the Formative Years 1800-1900. B. Coe, 1977)
I've never wanted this on-line journal to turn into a photo library, as it's meant to be more about recording in writing the major things we get up to while on our 2 year adventure in the UK/Europe, so that we've got a diary of-sorts to look back on in years to come - but, with the new camera getting a workout last week and over the weekend, I thought it best to sneak in a few 'show-off' shots with the new gear now, so i'm less inclined to bore you all with more later on..

Firstly, one night last week I took a slow walk home from work to the tube station, taking in the area around Tower Bridge, Tower Hill, and the ice skating rink they've put together for xmas in the moat of the Tower Hill castle.

Tower Bridge (*no tripod Rob!!)

Ice Skating in the Moat, Tower of London (I walk past here everyday on the way to work)

I also took it with me and got some shots down at the North End Road markets which we visit almost every Saturday for all our fresh fruit and veg, and other goodies such as fresh european cheeses, salami's, olives, and of course pastries from my old mate at good ol' Vanni's Pattisseri!

Saturday's North End Road Markets, Fulham

Our favourite cheese stall

Cheap easy breakfast from the Vanni Patisserie

Then on Saturday night we were all dressed up and heading over to Fulham for drinks with friends at one of the popular bars - so I practiced more with some shots of Carly before we stepped out. As I always predicted (and continue to tell her), she's just like a good wine, only getting better with age.. She'll kill me when she gets home and sees these online!

Just stunning..

I am now we're almost ready to hit the streets of New York and Boston on Thursday, and go completely snap happy!! Carly is already fearing the slide show night we'll have to have when we eventually get home!



At Tue Dec 06, 04:41:00 pm GMT+10 , Anonymous Masey said...

Nice photos mate. Your Ice Rink and Fruit stall shots are breathtaking. I'm worried... I fear I'm going to be looking over my shoulder from now on...

At Tue Dec 06, 05:26:00 pm GMT+10 , Blogger Shane & Carly said...

Ha ha Rob!! I had some one-on-one lessons last night with my friend here with the 10D (thanks Sueanne!) - who tore my practice shots to pieces before telling me what I should have done for each one. Some good pointers.


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