Friday, December 09, 2005

On our way to the U.S.A.

Today has been a hugely exciting day getting ready for the long-awaited trip to New York & Boston. While Carly had to opt out of a full-days work because of our mid-afternoon departure, I stupidly decided that a quick 4 hour early morning stint in the office wound be a good idea. Wrong. I got bogged down on one last application that was due over to the GLA the day before, and before I knew it I was cursing the terribly slow dialing/scanning of the fax machine as I sent off my weeks timesheet, and then running out the front door and bolting down St Katherine’s Way to Tower Hill tube and home to start packing – walking in the door only 45 minutes before we had to leave the house for Heathrow. Nothing changes I hear some of you say.

So now we’re sitting on an American Airlines 777-200, winging our way over the far North Atlantic just off the coast of Greenland, inbound for JFK International in New York. Carly is trying to sleep which is a good idea, considering that when we land it will be 7:30pm local time, and our bodies will be still thinking it is 12:30am.. We then meet up with Carly’s parents Ross and Jenny for a first look around the city that doesn’t sleep

Anyway I need sleep myself – its been a long day already after a 5:15am start this morning as I headed to the office to finish of some last minute things – and I can only guess that Ross and Jen will be keen to catch up on all our goings-on.

***Update – we’re just crossing the coast into North America, and beneath us out the window in the moonlit-reflection off the water you can make out the jagged coastline of Newfoundland near Goose Bay, which is dotted with lighthouses protecting the shipping from what is probably pretty dangerous coastline – and so now down we go to New York.. we're both pretty excited!



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