Tuesday, December 13, 2005

the full Tiffany & Co. experience

Today, Carly and I went shopping. But this was not just any shopping trip. We went and brought our wedding rings from the Tiffany & Co. store on 5th Avenue.. Exciting stuff!

Firstly we visited what was becoming our favourite traditional New York diner for breakfast around the corner from our hotel on Madison Avenue, and after that caught a taxi uptown to near the 5th Avenue shopping area.

We fronted the Tiffany & Co store on 5th Avenue (I could almost feel my credit card cringing at what it was about to be lumped with!), and confidently went up to the 2nd floor (Diamond Rings, etc.) trying to act like this is something we do everyday.. Having already tried them on in the Bond Street and Harrods stores in London, and also in the Sydney store when we got Carly's engagement ring nearly 2 years ago, we began trying on the platinum Lucida-style bands that we wanted to get. Carly opted for a 3mm one that matched her engagement ring perfectly, and I decided on my original preference, a 6mm wide Lucida platinum band.

After making the big decision on the rings we would wear for the rest of our lives, we had to make arangements with our Gemologist for Carly's band to be resized, because they simply do not stock tiny 3.5 sized bands off the shelf! As you'd expect from the best jewellery store in the world, this would take a mere couple of hours and would be done in-store, and we could pick it up that afternoon when we were ready. Very impressive service, but more was to come later.

With the decisions made, and the card swiped through the machine, we headed upstairs to put her still brand-new looking engagement ring in for the day to be inspected, cleaned, and serviced - all part of their life-long committment to their rings.. fantastic piece of mind stuff when you've spent that much!!

Having to fill time while the wedding ring was resized and the ring checked out, we headed out onto 5th Avenue for an afternoon of shopping. London friend from Shorrolds, Ben, had already given me a hot tip to head to the Abercrombie & Fitch store across the street, and over 3 hours later I emerged with a pile of great new clothes I nearly almost couldn't carry myself! All of the prices were fantastic when you converted the US$ prices into pounds, compared to what you'd pay for the same stuff in London - so I felt quite alright about my buy up!!

After a few more stores of shopping and the obligatory afternoon coffee to ward off the almost freezing maximum temperatures, we headed back to Tiffany's to pickup the new wedding bands. While waiting there for the rings to be brought out, we were asked of we'd prefer to wait in a private viewing room at the side of the main room, and if we'd like a glass of champagne while we waited - now, as my mate Brett and I would put it, this was definitely what you'd call 'getting the love'.. picture it: Private Room, Champagne in Tiffany champagne glasses, in Tiffany & Co. 5th Avenue New York!! I couldn't believe my ears!!!

Another blue bag with another blue box

We were all (Ross & Jen were with us) ushered through a side door to a beautiful private consultation room overlooking 5th Avenue, where 4 glasses of bubbly in Tiffany glasses were brought in, and shortly after our man returned with a carefully wrapped small box, covered in blue paper and a white ribbon. After thanking him for all his help, we were left there to pretty much savour the moment of when we brought our wedding rings in one of the most beautiful stores you'll ever see. Of course I had to ring mum back home to get her in on the occaision, and at the same time quickly tell her about our newly announced wedding plans for 2007, which will be the next time we see the wedding rings!!

What an unforgettable day!



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