Saturday, December 31, 2005

back to London, off to Newquay

On Thursday night we said goodbye to beautiful Edinburgh and Scotland, the new friends we'd made on the Haggis tour, and Sueanne and Pete who are staying a few days longer; and travelled by National Express coach back down to London on the overnight bus - arriving into London Victoria at 7am yesterday morning. And soon after getting back to our flat (for the 3rd time this month), we re-packed our bags ready for the next December adventure, this time a 5 hour drive in a hire car from London, westwards to Newquay on the north-west coast of Cornwall.

After picking up the hire car from Heathrow, we ventured onto a very wet and dangerous M4 motorway full of people doing the same thing for the new years weekend. I soon fell in love with the silver VW Golf I'd been allocated, and it began to eat up the miles very quickly as the traffic thinned out the further we got away from the capital. By the end of the trip this brilliant German machine was hurtling along the M4 and the A30 at a very stable 90-100 mph which I absolutely loved, and Carly didn't mind too much either!! Yes Jen, I was speeding!

We arrived at Newquay in the evening, checked into the hostel, ditched our bags, and quickly met up with Daniel, Sophie, and friends in a great local bar for the first of many deserved beers last night, after our 20 hours in transit since we'd left Scotland. Sadly though, the night moved on to the nearby Newquay Walkabout - not my choice of venue but fun was had all the same as we got stuck into what was a good warm-up for tonights main event - the renowned Newquay fancy dress New Years party!



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