Friday, November 25, 2005

Our new camera

Today, I have finally got back into one of my loves - SLR photography

A few of you may remember the years of joy I had with my beloved Pentax SLR (and 70-300mm lens stolen from Pricey!), which I brought in 1999 and took on many memorable trips such as Indonesia, the Sydney Olympics, many 21st birthdays and parties, and a few camping trips and other adventures - that thing chruned out some fantastic shots which I am still very proud of. But it was somewhat short-lived as it had a tragic death in my alcohol-affected hands in 2002, when I dropped it onto a timber floor at James Smith's 18th birthday party, and it just never came back to life - lessoned learned, expensive cameras do not bounce!

At that time, with our expected travels nearing, we decided to change to the digital world and buy our current Canon IXUS 400 compact digital camera. In the 3 years since we got it, that thing has now been everywhere with us - from the snow fields of Victoria in Australia, across European cities, up to 3500m in the French Alpes, and all over the UK. With 7000+ photos taken with it, I just cannot seem to kill it!!

So.. with our big trips planned in the coming months to some very photogenic places, I decided it was time to buy a digital SLR to make the most of my photographic opportinities.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you my newest toy - The Canon 350D Digital SLR

This thing, despite being at the bottom of the range of Canon's dSLR's, cost us an absolute packet! - but I think its definitely worth it (though I think I will have to convince Carly with the photograhic outputs!). With some timely pre-christmas specials going in UK retailers and a significant cash-back offer from Canon available at the moment, it was good timing to take the plunge now so that we can use it in the U.S. in a few weeks time, in Scotland over Christmas, and on various winter trips we have in mind for early next year.

One of the first shots from the camera - unpacking the Canon goodies in the lounge room

At this stage I only have the basic kit lens which comes with the package (Canon 18-55 mm EF-S lens f3.5-5.6), but with some travels coming up that will warrant a longer zoom lens, I will be looking at getting some 300mm glass in the near future.

But for now i'm very content with this fantastic camera, the outputs of which you will see appearing on the blog from now on. As for the baby IXUS - yes, it is far from gone, and will perform a critical role at parties and nights out when the dSLR isn't allowed anywhere near me after a few pints!


P.S. So Coxen, I once again have a better camera than you! - and no crappy Sony Cybershit is going to knock this thing of the top perch.. I think you might have to consider buying a real camera next time you smash yours and need a replacement (as this happens quarterly, that must be scheduled for next month!?). And no-one cares that it can take videos.. that's what video cameras are for! Ha!!


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