Thursday, November 03, 2005

James Smith in London, & we go see the Stereo MC's in Camden

We've hardly recovered from our three days in Berlin, and then Carly's brother James arrives back into London for a week's stay as part of his first European backpacking trip!! He dropped in a few weeks back just for the night, on his way to starting his european adventure, so this time would be his first real experience of London life, and a good sample of what he'd be in for if he follows through with plans to come and live here next year.

So during the day while we were at work, he made his own way around town, making full use of his off-peak Travelcard to well and truly cover most parts of the West End and parts of the City. Each night he'd return home with more famous sights crossed off his lost, and stories of how he'd been very happily just getting lost in all the backstreets of the town, and then just finding a tube station and making his way home..

To give him a look around some different areas of London, and a taste of what we get up to here, I got some tickets to see a mid-week gig of a favourite hip-hop group of Carly's - the Stereo MC's - at a venue in Camden last night. So after work we travelled across town to Mornington Crescent tube, and went straight into the venue to enjoy a great live performance and a few tasty mid-week beers while we watched the show - James had developed a liking to the extra large cans you get over here!! Because of noise restrictions and the like, the show only went until just past 11pm, so we then headed home afterwards on the bus, travelling via Kings Cross and the West End.

(left) Carly's new Stereo MC's t-shirt purchased at the gig

This weekend we have some vague plans about going up to Liverpool. We have a hire car booked for the long drive, but at this stage we have been struggling to book any accommodation in the town as it gets very popular for weekend trips. Fingers crossed we can organise something, otherwise we'll be staying in the capital, which isn't such a bad thing anyway.



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