Friday, November 04, 2005

Hotel reviews - the trials of booking travel accommodation

In planning our trip to Liverpool this weekend, we hit our usual Hotel review site when comparing accommodation options before making any bookings - TripAdvisor - to see what we might be getting into when selecting where to stay.

One such option we were looking at today, was a B&B called The Antrim Hotel. The quaint family-run establishment looked ok for our weekend stay when we checked the price, but that was until we read the reviews on TripAdvisor. What I found was some of the funniest reviews i've seen written on the web.

Now normally you expect people to have a differing of opinions, and even the best accommodation we've stayed at in our travels so far has received at least a few bad comments and reviews (usually always from whinging Americans mind you!).. BUT! the comments for The Antrim were a cut above, and worthy of an entry here..

Click here to see the full listing of reviews, however here were a few of my personal favourites:

"Fawlthy Towers"Jun 24, 2003: A TripAdvisor Member, Mandal, Norway

Antrim is the most terrible hotel i have ever been to. We got a room for five persons. With no shower, no toilet, no place to wash up and brush our teet, filthy beds and floor. The lock in our door did not work and we had to use a screwdriver to get in and out from the room. The manager was so drunk he could not speak when we arrived. We had to go to next floor to find a toilet and when we got there there was water (or something else????) on the floor so we had to wear rubberboots to keep dry. Fawlthy Towers for real. We travel from Norway at least once a year to see football. But never again to Antrim!

"WOnderful little Place" May 9, 2003: A TripAdvisor Member, Dublin, Ireland

We stayed in The Antrim, a couple weeks back. Its dead in the city Centre and an excellent venue for stag parties. (Theres hookers nearby) The Rooms though not the ritz, are clean, modern and have a nice refreshing smell. The Hotel is full of charcter, i particularly liked the period hole in the wall, where someone had kicked it in, probably back in the middle ages. Kelly wanked into the daily sport and left it for Gordy to find! Did'nt have breakfast in the hotel, as i did'nt want to develop a third nipple. The oul daw, Flo is a bit rough, but well up for a bit of slap and tickle. But be warned, she murdered her husband. Be warned thouh also, there is a sneaky wee afgan hound who works behind the bar, complete prick. They will look £28 a night off you, don't pay them. £15 tops, or do what i did and do a runnerThere was some fat guy with a belfast accent running around the hotel naked, i'm still having nightmares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Romance of Hotel of Antrim" Nov 10, 2003: A TripAdvisor Member, Moscow,

I vent to ze hotel in the Christmas of last. My lover Albo took me as surprise for ze birthdays. He booked this best room for the special occasions. I wear my best dress and we have the meal in bedroom. oh I remember I have ze fish and chip, so famous in England yes! Albo my lover had plant the ring in the fish for my present! The wonderful feeling of the shock and surprise. I have luck I do not eat zis ring! We go back for the honeys Moon in teh next year.

Needless to say, based on this, we won't be staying at The Antrim this weekend!!!



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