Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Another spargo betrothed!

We got word during the day today that my brother Michael and now fiancé Rebecca Brown got engaged in the very romantic medieval town of Bruges, in Belgium, while on their European travels at the moment.

There aren't too many details yet about how it all happened this morning as they don't have a phone we can call them on, so everyone has just had a quick phone chat with him today when he rang to spread the news - but apparently there was a series of well planned-out surprises as Bec was lead around the beautiful town on the trail of a series of notes he'd left, leading up to finding Michael waiting for her in the markt square (I think!?) with the big question - and she said yes!!.. I was so excited to hear about when I got the text message, I got him to call me at work to tell me the details before I came home. I called mum when I got home so we could trade stories of what we've heard from him.

And from what he said there isn't a ring as yet, as they plan to get it when they return home early next year. And with their busy year next year going head-long into his big pharmacy business plans in Toowoomba, we are hopeful that there won't be a wedding until 2007 so we won't be called home again.

So 2007 now potentially becomes a very big year! Possibly two Spargo weddings and a whole lot more!!

Congrats guys. We are so happy for you!!



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