Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Winter's coming

A new season, a new look for our blog.

On waking up early this morning, i've realised that we are well and truly on our way into our second winter. As I sit here at 7am, out the window looking east towards the City, the sun is hardly making an impact on the cloudy overcast sky, and the Autumn winds (gales) and showers are already here and making summer feel like it was so long ago. Our winter coats have been dry-cleaned, and and hanging in the cupboard waiting for their first use this season. The media is already beating it up, saying it will be the coldest winter in 40 years - is it de-ja-vu? Didn't I hear the Evening Standard say that this time last year?

To keep spirits up as the days shorten and the temperatures drop, we've been planning plenty of travel and things to do after work and on the weekends. We're off to Berlin this weekend, and Carly's brother James (who is in Europe at the moment) is returning to the UK next week, so we'll be busy with him. And I've begun looking into this seasons snow skiing trip for early 2006.

And you may have noticed there has been a long list of updated journal entries in our blog - scroll down until you get to our trip to Ireland way back in February to see them all. Hopefully we'll be caught up by weeks end.



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