Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Shane's Birthday and Mary Poppins the Musical

My first birthday in London, and it coincided with my first visit to a West End Theatre to see a musical.. I spent the day at work, where everyone made the day enjoyable despite being a long way from the family in Brisbane.

Carly's mum Jenny had organised to take us to see the new Mary Poppins: The Musical as a gift from the Smiths for our birthdays. The performance has been receiving excellent reviews since it started earlier this year.

We met in an after-work Soho pub so we could have a quick Pint before the show, and then headed to Theatreland for a quick bite before the show (Actually, we had the best kebabs we'd ever had in London from this place across the road from the theatre!).

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Carly and I on my 27th Birthday; me and my favourite mother-in-law

We'd heard from friends that the show was excellent, and from the start it didn't dissapoint. The sets were amazing, and the actors certainly portrayed the characters as if you were watching a well produced re-make of the movie, except this was well and truely live! The actor playing Mr Banks was none-other than David Haig, who you'd only remember as being the guy who played Bernard in 'Four Weddings and a Funeral'.. Jane and Michael Banks (the children) were brilliant, hitting all the punchlines with precision . My only dissapointment was that the old sailor guys who used to fire the cannon off of the rooftop ship on top of the Banks' home didn't get a mention!!

There were just so many little things done so well in this show, that it'll be difficult going to the other shows around the West End in the coming year and a bit. Only in a musical performance of Mary Poppins are you going to have the characters walking up the walls and across the ceiling in one of the songs, and have a rooftop chimney sweep scene that looks just like the rows and rows of chimneys you see all across the terrace houses of London. It really was magical! An excellent production which we'd recommend to anyone, whether you're a fan or not.

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Carly & Jen outside the theatre; and upstairs on a Routemaster travelling through the West End on the way home



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