Saturday, August 20, 2005

Our Birthday Party at home

Happy 27th Birthday to us!!

To celebrate we invited everyone over after work on a balmy Friday evening (which was Carly's birthday - the 19th), to celebrate with us. It'd been a while since we've caught up with many of our friends, as almost everyone but us has been getting away on holidays over the summer break. So it was great to see many of the ex-Ealing people again who I hadn't seen since moving to the LDA, along with the regular friends and trouble-makers from all around London.

Friends on the Futon; and Mr & Mrs Wilkie (very brown after their Croatian summer holiday)

With the beer and wine flowing in our very full little flat, the night degenerated quickly after Darren arrived following a post-work session at a pub. Needless to say he had a great night, finished off with an impromptue dance on the cleared floor with Willow.

My Ealing friends (and Willow) surprised me with an unexpected birthday gift. I unwrapped a World Series Cricket Australian one-day team t-shirt, which is a replica from the early days of the one-dayers when the Aussies wore skin-tight retro-styled playing shirts in Canary Yellow and Green, the English wore powder pale blue, and the Kiwi's wore their beige poo-brown outfits. The shirts are these days being reproduced and sold by a group of kiwi's who first started wearing their own homemade beige-brigade skin-tight team shirts and circket pants to matches - but on realising that they had a market with their home-made uniforms made by their mother, they went into production and enjoy great success selling the team jerseys..

Me and my new team shirt; and the Ealing crew (L-R: the Bull, Katie, Spargo, Amanda)

Mine is personalised with a SPARGO player name across the top of the back - I will be wearing this to every appropriate event I can think of, and I'm sure even some places where it isn't appropriate!

Carly and I; Carly and an impromptue Tesco mudcake plus candle

Carly and cake; and Wilkie cutting a cake for his birthday the next day (the 20th August)

Me and the Bull; Willow and Darren at the end



At Thu Aug 25, 07:30:00 am GMT+10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the t-shirt, tiger. Kaswa


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