Monday, August 29, 2005

Messing about on the river

With a picnic packed and hiking boots on, and above us one of the most amazing days of weather we've seen while living in London, we headed out to Richmond on the District Line to take a walk around the huge Richmond Park. We arrived at Richmond station and strolled through the beautiful streets, making our way to the river near the White Cross pub (Kate's old work haunt) on our way to the park - this is where we drastically changed our plans..

With 30 degree heat by that stage, the hike through the park wasn't looking terribly appealling. But the row boats for hire lined up along the river very much were! So with a bag full of beers, cider, and picnic lunch we hired a 3-seater row boat from one of the vendors along the bank and set sail(?) upstream to see what we could see.

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Rowing isn't as easy as it looks

After about half an hour of trying to look like I knew what I was doing with the oars, we had made our way around to Twickenham and simply pulled the oars in, opened up the esky bag, and floated along with the slight outgoing tide.

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Carly giving it a shot, but not for too long

We couldn't beleive what a great last minute idea it was, and so we spent the next hour or so sitting back, drifting along the Thames back towards Richmond, drinking, eating and planning our next year or so in London..



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