Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Karen's (& Andy's) House-warming

Once again we made the trek out to Andy's place at Watford (it's really not that far out of Central London, we all just like exaggerating!! Gav: think Caboolture?), to celebrate friend Karen's move into the Payne Bachelor house with a 'house-warming' BBQ & lazy afternoon party. It was also to mark the departure of Karen's brother John, who has been in London for a while now, but is headed home to Australia.

Their original plan was to light up Andy's coal-driven BBQ, and after we've waited 2 hours(!) for it to warm up, cook some food and enjoy the summer twighlight with a big icey bin full of assorted beer cans and jugs of Pimms - but, as we've learnt in London over the past 10 months, this is never as simple as that when you involve the UK weather..

Summer BBQ-ing, London-style - Andy and I carry on cooking in the sudden downpour of rain regardless

Just after the first snag had hit the grill - we were hit with an hour long downpour which meant that to avoid having to go through lighting the heat beads again, we had to perservere and continue cooking. By the end of it, the meat was all done, but I was drenched through!

I've successfully introduced Outdoor Gas-heater Marshmellow-cooking to the UK - Buse's original concept conceived at Northgate has gone global!

A sly visit down to Andy's basement cellar boxing area meant the night degenerated into a beer and testosterone-fuelled boxing practise session

The music gets turned up and Payne and Wilkie put on a show before have to head off and stagger to the last overland train home



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