Sunday, August 14, 2005

John & Kathy visit London

During the week we've had Jenny staying with us, and in what has become a bit of a tradition, Ross has compensated for his 'no show' in London by sending with her a bottle of Red for us to have over dinner - so below are the photos of us having a bottle of Bellini we had brought in Venice last weekend, followed by the bottle of Mount Pleasent he had selected. Note the huge glasses from Venice in use again for the red!

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Cheers Ross, wish you were here - again..

After our very busy trip to Venice last weekend, we had to backup this weekend for a vist to London by Carly's uncle (and Jen's brother) Johnny and partner Kathy, from Galway in Ireland.

We'd spent time with Johnny at his apartment in Cadiz, Spain, while he was living there studying at the University, so it was great to be able to return the favour and have them stay with us. Their first night here was spent having some drinks at home, and then dinner at what is becoming our favourite Indian restuarant, The Famous Lily in Fulham. Below are some photos from the restuarant, by this stage the night was in full swing with the usual Johnny and Jenny banter and humour(?)..

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Jen & Johnny; and Carly, Jenny, Johnny, & Kathy

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Jenny, Johnny, & Kathy

With Johnny having lived in London before, we need to think up some new attractions for the day of sightseeing on Saturday, so to take advantage of his professional cooking skills, we took them over to Southwark and the Borough Markets, to have a look around at the produce and markets, and let him buy ingedients so he could cook us dinner that night - nice hosts aren't we!!??

After the markets we took a long walk along the river around towards Waterloo, ending up crossing over opposite Embankment and taking the tube up to Leicester Square, where we had a great lunch in one of the restuarants on the Chinatown Mall - after the big night before this feast went down a treat!

We then went home and let the chef to his devices, as he prepared a delicious meal of roasted lamb shanks and vegetables. It was amazing to see someone who knows there stuff prepare a meal like this in your kitchen.

The following day we spent having a day at home relaxing after a big breakfast, with Johnny and Jen catching up on all that had been happenning since the siblings had last seen each other the year before.

Sadly though the weekend had to come to a close, and John & Kathy headed off to the tube late in the afternoon, and their flight home to Galway. But before they left we made certain they knew that we'll be visiting them soon to take a look around their part of Ireland.



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