Monday, July 18, 2005

Softball in the Park with Willow

I've just returned from the park near Fulham Broadway, where Renee and I had the first of our long-awaited Softball throwing sessions, with the gloves she had sent here, all the way from her parents in Brisbane!!

This may not seem like a big deal, but considering the dramas encountered in trying to purchase a softball in London over the past 8 weeks, today was a milestone!

The ball we used came courtesy of her good friends Ryan & Vanessa, who recently moved back to Australia after a lenghty stint here - they kindly sent Renee a Disneyland Resort-themed softball, which, after a few scrapes with the bitumen paths and a hard strike on a nearby fence, is now looking a bit worse for wear.. see the photo below:

One of the Disney Princesses takes a scrape!

But you can be assured Vanessa, it works like a treat! Thanks heaps!!!

My glove hand is still a bit sore though, it would seem that Ms Wilson (ex-Qld softball player etc etc) doesn't throw like a girl..



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