Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lovebox Festival 2005

With so much happening with my new job just starting and Carly desperately waiting to get back into work after the break caused by our trip back to Australia, this festival seemed to suddenly arrive on the calender..

The Lovebox festival started off as a summer festival event organised by Groove Armada a few years ago, but over time it has grown and progressed to be a highlight on the summer dance festival program. The main stage, bars, food stalls, and surrounding doof-doof tents filled up the large area in the southern part of Victoria Park in East London, and the crowd was certainly building by the time we got in around 3pm.

Our group of Dan & Sophie, Brisbane visitor Renee St J W, and regular dance festival junkies Workman & Wilkie went around to the different tents listening and dancing to some amazing DJ's. Honestly, even when I looked at the playlist the next day to figure out who they were, I had no idea who'd we'd seen!!

When the time drew nearer we crowded around the main stage to hear Plantlife (first time for me - loved 'em!), followed by an amazing set from Groove Armada. This was the higlight for me as it was the first time we'd heard them live, and to hear (the very tall) Andy Cato play the trombone in the lead-in to 'Superstylin' made my night in a few short notes from the slide! They pumped out an excellent 'I see you baby', fronted by a troupe of can-can girls who new how to shake it - this turned what could have been a pretty dull performance of the track into a crowd-shaking moment. Carly and I were in the very front jumping around to the whole set, especially favourites such as 'Madder' which brought back memories of it being the theme song of our French winter ski trip. Cato's trombone in 'At the river' was fantastic, and after hearing it live you'll never listen to the track on CD the same way.

Following on the main stage was Mylo. Now, this is the 2nd time we'd seen him and his group live. And firstly let me say that there is no doubting the guys talent. But, his live shows are as boring as batshit. At the Wireless festival at Hyde Park, he'd simply rattled off the best of his album 'Destroy Rock and Roll', and, granted he does do part of each track on guitar with little reliance on the synthesiser, they are simply performed as just that - tracks off an album.. The same thing heppenned here, track after track, performed in successsion, with little imagination or interest in mixing it up a bit. Again, dissapointed. Two strikes and you're out Mylo.

Despite the dissapointing end, overall it was a great afternoon and night with our friends, finished up with a long tube ride home from the East of London, through town on the District Line back to West Ken.



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