Monday, July 04, 2005

LIVE 8 in London

Yesterday, after missing out on tickets to the main event inside Hyde Park, Dan and us decided that we'd go to the next best thing, a nearby park showing the Live 8 concert on a big screen, and enjoy the day with company of another few thousand Londoners, rather than watch the even on television at home..

The following fantastic day was the result.

Sophie & Dan at the start of our picnic in Regents Park

Daniel and girlfriend Sophie, and Dan's brother Ben had headed into Hyde Park ahead of us, with the hope of somehow getting into the locked-down park - no luck though, so they headed north to the other side of the West End to Regents Park, where they had a large screen and a fantastic sound system for the thousands who had heard about this unadvertised showing of the concerts.

After watching the much-awaited start of the concert, a duet of 'Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band' by U2 and Paul McCartney, we dashed from our flat and headed there on the tube as fast as possible, hoping not to miss too much of the middle part of the show.

The crowd watching the concert on the big screen; and Me and Carly

We got there very quickly - within 45 minutes - and perfectly timed too, just as ex-Boomtown Rat and Live Aid/8 organiser Bob Geldolf was belting out one of Carly's favourite songs - I don't like Monday's - and the crowd was just getting into it. We found the other guys in the relaxed picnic-style crowd, and settled in to watch amazing groups like the Scissor Sisters, The Who, Robbie Williams, Madonna, Sting (as good as ever!!), Snoop Dog (he was awesome), (a very terrible) Mariah Carey, and eventually a fantastic short set by the specially reformed Pink Floyd. There were so many more, I just can't remember them!!

As you can see from our deterioration in the photos as you scroll down, the big advantage of being in Regents Park and not the secured Hyde Park, was that you could bring in drinks with your picnic!!

Snoop Dog from Hyde Park; Sophie atop Dan's shoulders for a better view

Ben and his new 'friend'; and the phone that just wouldn't let him get through to Mr & Mrs Coxen

Photos of all of us in the park, as things were starting to loosen up!!

Some of the funniest moments of the day, Ben and Sophie are allowed to get photos wearing a Met Officer's bobbie hats, radios, and batons!! Brilliant! The crowd around them couldn't beleive it!

From the photos below you might notice an abundance of 'orange'!! No, it wasn't a promotional event that we were involved in, or anything else especially organised. Myself and Ben were both wearing orange coloured shirts, and thought it would be funny to get a photo with a guy sitting nearby who was also wearing orange.

(Post-edit: The 3rd Orange shirt guy has come forward! See below, Rob Marshall - the blond guy in this photo and many more after it - has added a comment to this post to say hi!!)

This gave all three of us a laugh as we did it. This guy then decided it might be funny if ran over and ambushed another orange shirt wearing concert-goer, and get another 'orange' photo, so the 3 of us tore off through the crowd with photographer Daniel in tow, to get a photo with our next victim.

This fourth person thought it was a great idea also so he joined us for the ambush on the fifth person, and then that person joined us to run over to the sixth person, and so on,

and so on,

and so on,

and so on,

the pic on the right includes Dave (second from left)

and so on,

and so on..

apparently by this stage, unknown to us and our group of some eight orange-wearing people, we had a large group of London 'bobbie' police following us as we tore through the crowd ambushing unsuspecting orange wearing people for the next photo.. but we continued onwards..

and there were more,

and more again,

and a few more in another direction,

and some more here, including an orange picnic blanket

and a few more here, including a small child we spotted and probably scared the hell out of!

until we had met every person wearing anything orange in the whole park!!

The four of us dancing the night away in the park, by this stage the whole crowd was up dancing..

Dan and Sophie, with Canadian Dave and family

At about the 7th or 8th person, we met a lovely Canadian family of which the husband/father, David, was unfortunately wearing an orange polo shirt, so he joined in for the rest of the orange run-around, and then they all joined us where we were sitting/standing/dancing for the rest of the evening to watch the grand finale of Pink Floyd followed by Paul McCartney performing Long and winding road, and with all the other artists, Hey Jude..

The crowd at Hyde Park as shown on our big screen; and Canadian Dave rockin' to his favourite, Pink Floyd

The McCartney finale, and Carly with her Make Poverty History pointer finger

The four of us at the end of the night!

The friendly crowd was well and truely getting into it by the end and there was a fantastic atmosphere as we all danced and carried on throughout the final acts as the concert ran over time by more than 2 hours, and we all pondered our long trip home if we missed the last tube. Luckily we got one of the last trains, avoiding a walk across the city..

I could write so much more about this fantastic day, which was designed to bring people together to highlight the problems of poverty still plagueing the African continent, 20 years since the original Live Aid at Wembley - we certainly got the message, and so we now wait to see what will come of this weeks G8 meeting in Scotland where world leaders will ponder how they can contribute with the cancellation of third-world debt, increasing aid and assistance programs, and fairer trade.



At Fri Jul 08, 05:48:00 pm GMT+10 , Blogger Polka said...

nice ; DDDD

open`er festival in Poland - great too ^__^

At Thu Jul 14, 05:27:00 am GMT+10 , Anonymous Rob Marshall said...

Go Orange Team!!! Good times running around the park with you guys. Thanks a ton for the pictures. Live8 was fantastic and I'm glad I wore Orange!

At Thu Aug 04, 11:19:00 pm GMT+10 , Anonymous Canadian Dave said...

Okay check your e-mail, the stones tickets are going quick.

The party in the Park was indeed a highlight of our Holidays

Canadian Dave

At Mon Oct 03, 12:13:00 pm GMT+10 , Blogger jon said...

I was searching for dog sam ugliest info and found this post. I agree totally!


At Mon Dec 26, 11:52:00 am GMT+10 , Anonymous canadian dave said...

Okay christmas day is done..lots of cheer, a DVD of the day in the park has brought back great memories of some CRAZY aussies


Canadian Dave and Family


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