Sunday, July 17, 2005

Goodbye Ealing, i'm off to the City!

Wednesday is my last day working for the London Borough of Ealing, and from this Thursday i'll be back in town planning working for the London Development Agency.. Until then i'm not sure exactly what I'll be working on, but with the Olympics in 2012 now awarded to London, there's a good chance i'll be sinking my teeth into some pretty exciting stuff.. I'm so excitied to be back in town planning and development, after my short stint as a transport planner in the world of Local Council.

Here is a link to a satellite map of my new office, in St Katharine's Dock, next to Tower Hill and Tower Bridge in the City.

This is a photo I took earlier tonight of the view of Tower Bridge from the waterfront-side of my office building!!

More to come soon once I get started in the new job.. I can't wait!



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