Saturday, July 09, 2005

Big news from home!

Got some big news from home this week, that my parents had finally (and when I say finally, those of us who have watched them searching for a new house or land over the years will attest that finally is a fair and accurate description!) purchased a block of land, to build a new home on for the next stage of their life now that almost all the kids have moved out..

The view of my parents new block of land at Geebung, taken from the street frontage

Located at the end of a cul-de-sac in a beautiful leafy suburban street in a suburb in Brisbane called Geebung, the parcel will give even a single-storey home views across the northside all the way to the city high-rises!

The views they'll have from a single storey house, all the way across the northside to the city skyline!

Now, if only I can stay in England long enough, I might miss out on all the fun that will come with having to design a house for the site and get it built!! Then there's the painting and landscapingwhich i'm sure mum is looking forward to doing after just finishing the current house!!

We're all so very happy for you guys, and Jay is pretty excited about it too - read his own blog entry on the purchase and settlement here..



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