Monday, June 13, 2005

Ski Trip Reunion Party

After the craziness of the ski-trip (see this post here from the insane week in the French Alps here), it was only just that we all have a reunion catch-up session, to see what everyone had been up to since March, and to have a look at the photos and fantastic short videos that had been taken on and off the slopes.

We trekked out to Andy's place at Watford on the overland, for a bbq, drinks, and hopefully some nightlife action later at the bars on the Watford high street.

Andy and Darren around the BBQ; and the Outdoor Heater cooking craze takes of in the UK!

In the photo above you can see Andy at work on his heat bead-powered non-gas barbeque - even though he obviously knew what he was doing, Darren and I thought this was just so bloody funny to watch as he tried his hardest to get the thing lit, helped along by the use of a board to 'fan the flames'! All the while we stood back, beers in hand, laughing and questioning the silly Englishman as to why he didn't have a gas bottle.. Because as we all know, a man's reputation lives and dies with his barbequeing prowess, and, well, much to our delight Andy was struggling on this day!! A great laugh which is also captured on a short video I took of Darren getting stuck into him.

Just like the ski trip the lads got stuck into the drinks and before too long much of the sillyness from the week in the snow had returned. Considering it is summer it was a chilly night out on Andy's fantastic rear deck, so he had an outdoor heater working above the table - this was the perfect opportunity to introduce outdoor heater cooking to England after Dale and I began doing it at his place back in Northgate.. However it became obvious that bread roll heating was not as impressive as marshmellows - Andy would have to get some for the next party.

A few photos from the night, including all the fun of the Outdoor Heater cooking

As we became far too rowdy for the suburban backyard and the neighbours close-by, it was time to head into the town centre (which is just down the street, very convenient) for the Watford High Street experience. This was the first time we'd been out in any of the towns that are on the outskirts of London, and we were impressed to see the place packed, with people spilling out of all of the bars and pubs. Carly had stayed back at Andy's place as she'd had enough, so me and the lads had a couple more until it was definitely time to go home - this was confirmed when I added some 'character' to the paving on the High Street on the stagger back.. As he 'held back my hair and gave me a pat on the back as we continued walking, I think Andy thought this must have been sweet revenge for the rubishing I given his BBQ earlier that afternoon!

I was not very well the next morning!

Here are a few more shots of Andy's place that I took the following morning after we'd stayed the night, so those back in Australia can see what it is like - he's done a top job with that back deck, especially for an Englishman..

The view of the neighbourhood over the side fence

Andy's pride and joy - his back deck

A sequence of shots of the rear of the 2-bedroom flat/house



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