Sunday, June 26, 2005

O2 Wireless Festival, Hyde Park

Our first UK music festival - the O2 Wireless festival, has come and gone, and gave us our first taste of the big acts that you get to see in London all the time, compared to Australia where you can only be hopeful that someone big might do a solo tour and actually make it to your town, or appear in the Big Day Out line up once a year.

Carly and Darren B.

Dan and Sophie met us at Hyde Park for this great day out, where a huge main stage looked out over a large area set aside for the main crowd later in the day, and behind that were some smaller tents were other acts performed. Later in the day we met up with Buse's younger brother Darren - who is living/travelling over here also.

I was mainly there to see Basement Jaxx live for the first time, but before they came on we were treated to an excellent set by Ralph Myerz with his animated drum beating, live sampling and mixing of the crowds noise, and on-stage fireworks display! Also in one of the other tents was the superstar DJ of the English summer - Mylo - although a massive crush of the crowd prevented all of us from getting into the tent for his set, with the exception of Dan who used his weight/height advantage and copious amounts of drunken alcohol to get to the front.

All of us in front of the main stage waiting for the Stereo MC's

On just before the Jaxx were South London group Stereo MC's who i'd heard little about before the day, but was promised a lot by Dan's English girlfriend Sophie - and she was spot on! These guys were absolutely brilliant! Carly and I danced around near the front of the crowd with Dan and Soph, as the Stereo MC's vocalist/rapper fired up the crowd with his unique dancing and grooving down off the stage and right in front of us as we lapped it up!

The Stereo MC's put on a brilliant set and get the crowd good and ready for Basement Jaxx

But coming on for the finalé was Basement Jaxx, and they put on a very impressive and polished show - amazing and very powerful backing vocalists which sounded even better live than on their albums, and some fantastic work by the DJ's and musicians meant that we got to see a brilliant big-name live act on a summers evening in Hyde Park, central London.

Various photos of Carly and Dan down the front of the crowd for Basement Jaxx

We definitely have to do a few more of these events over this summer and the next one while we're here - it is just the best way to spend a day out! A few beers, a bit of a dance and some carry on with your mates amongst the crowd, and some great live music for the ears.



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