Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Waifs concert at The Forum, Kentish Town

We'd always said that when the Waif's played in the UK while we were here, we'd be there!! So of course, while we were in back in Brisbane, they announced the tour dates for London and tickets went on sale straight away.. luckily our friend Willow back here in London came up with the goods and volunteered to buy our tickets for us so we wouldn't miss out..

So we've just returned from their Wednesday night show at the Forum up at Kentish Town, just past Camden, and they were as good as ever live!! We got there far too early, but it meant we were able to get right up in the second row of the standing floor area, and after a very energetic and talented warm-up act, we were in the perfect spot to hear them play most of our favorites, especially Love Serenade, Bridal Train, and a very loudly backed rendition of London Still which made it feel like every aussie in London was in the room with us.. There were also a few new tracks so we're looking forward to the next album.

Strangely, considering England's lack of passive smoking laws, the Forum was ruled to be a non-smoking venue for the night - a bit strange, but we realised why when it was noticed that Vikki Simpson (dark-haired one of the Simpson sisters) had a small noticible bump showing from under her loose-fitting top, and that with a baby on the way the band had decided that she shouldn't have to choke on other peoples smoke..

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One of our tickets, and that pick I scored from Mr Cunningham

As a bonus at the end of the show we were treated to two encore's, and as he left the stage for the last time, Josh Cunningham threw a guitar pick towards the crowd which with the help of a roadie I was able to retrieve from the edge of the stage..!

They never disappoint live!!


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