Monday, May 02, 2005

the Spargo/Smith's move into Barons Court

Today we awoke to our first morning in our new home!

Yesterday was the first day of hopefully the next 18 months here as we moved everything into our new flat/apartment in Barons Court, W14. We hired an Easy Car for the day, as we had to move all of our belongings from 3 different locations around South-West London, where we had stored them while we travelled back to Australia via France and Spain while we didn't have a place of our own here..

We picked up the car from Mayfair at 8am, and drove straight out to the biggest IKEA store I think i'll ever see (you would never find your way out Jenny!), just near Wembley Stadium in North-West London. We joined the queue of some 50 people waiting for the store doors to open sharply at 9am, and raced inside for what seemed like a special 'Sale' day at the store - oh no, we were told it's like that every weekend at IKEA's in London as the poms go there to get their regular fix of flat-packed boxes, allen keys, and meatballs & chips in the cheap restuarant/cafeteria - anyway, we headed straight for the kitchenware as we had checked out the flat the day before and noticed we had to buy plates and cutlery amongst other things - pretty damn annoying when we've got a storage bin in Brisbane full of the stuff, but anyway, I soon got over it as we dashed through the store on our tight schedule to get everything moved in from our friends houses, and get the car back to the depot.

One issue that did come up while at the store was the purchase of a desk for our Notebook computer - it seemed that I was destined to have my electronic pride and joy sitting on the shittiest desk i've ever seen in my life, as Carly had spotted the perfect flat-packed cheap-arse desk for me, at just £14 pounds!!! I nearly died, but she insisted, I lost the argument for a nicer desk, and I was forced to carry (yes, it is so crap I could pick it up and carry it under my arm!!) it all the way through the store - oh the shame!!

We raced through the chekouts with all our new utensils and house accessories and headed towards where we had all our belongings holed up in friends under-stair storage places, their hallway cupboards, and even just sitting in the middle of their bedrooms (thanks Dan!).

We got everything moved in here in under 3 loads of our Opel (Holden) Corsa (Barina), and after returning the car we began setting the new place up.. On the way back to the hire place with the car I got a call from brother Mike and Bec, who were over here from Ireland for the long weekend, and were just up the road at Hammersmith, so after filling up the car I drove just around the corner, picked them up off of Hammersmith Road and they joined me for the trip into the West End in the car. They were heading out that night to see the Lion King musical..

(Edit: The following day, with the house still coming together, we had them over to visit us for a few hours on their way to visit Bec's sister, so it was great to have them be our first visitors to our new home. They dropped in again the next day to visit on their way out to Stanstead and back to Cork.)

Brother Michael and Bec visit Barons Court - our first visitors!

The new place is fantastic..! My crappy new desk acually fits perfectly, and doesn't look half bad considering the price.. the bathroom is great - it is rare to find a good shower in this town according to our friends who've been here for a while, and it seems that we've got one of them! The lounge/dining room is a reasonable size, and has a large 3 seater sofa, and another Futon sofa-bed which folds out to the visitors double-bed which we're very excited about having for out towners and friends crashing overnight.. The dining table folds out to easily seat 4, maybe more, and its right next to the windows which means breakfasts overlooking the street in the morning sun..

The lounge room - with my crappy £14 desk, and the couches etc; you can see the kitchen just off to the side

The one and only bedroom; the kitchen in the background, with the front door off to the left

The kitchen, with the addition of our new IKEA goodies, is nice and new which is great to have. the bedroom is huge for a one bedroom place (according to our friends), and the built-ins fit all our stuff in (just!).. and just as I described before the big front windows are invaluable - you could just lie on the couches on a sunny morning and bask in the warmth of the english summer.. we're looking forward to that in Winter as we face southwards just like our last flat on the Thames - very important!! and our street is so nice and the shops at either end have everything you need, short of having to go to the grocery store and weekend fruit & veg markets just down North End Road.

Carly sitting at the dining table, on the phone to home (If you click on the left picture, when it opens you can see the name above the pub on the building in the background across the street - that's how close it is!!)

And to top it off, we can see our local pub, 'The Curtain's Up' across the street and around a corner - its is attached to a Theatre restuarant of some sorts - we visited for a quick pint last night, and it was full of young locals on their way out to clubs etc once it closed at 11pm - 30 seconds walk from our front door to the Bar, you can't complain with that, and it even has Super Chilled Fosters on tap, and tables outside in the sun on the footpath - a lethal summer combination!

I'm sure there'll be plenty of other posts down the track as we have plenty of parties and visitors over the next 18 months..


(Note: The photos above have all been taken with a wide-angle lens, which makes the rooms appear bigger than they really are - you have been warned!!!)


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