Sunday, May 15, 2005

Renee and Shane's Engagement Party

last night we went up to Essex Road at Islington and a little funky bar called the Warwick, for Shane Wilke & Renee Workman's Engagement Party gathering..

what started as a few bottles of champagne between the 4 of us to celebrate, turned into a big fun night as all of their London friends rolled in and we all got stuck into the surprisingly cheap drinks.. in no-time the bar was full with a great crowd of people, and the DJ there was fantastic, playing heaps of old stuff, some great jazz that i was chatting to him about, and some mixed-in rock anthems, as we all got around catching up with everyone there, some people we hadn't seen since Guy Fawkes back last year - such is the crazy life over here with everyone moving around and travelling etc..

me & my beautiful fiancé

karen & andy; karen & recently betrothed renee

alison & darren; john, alison, & darren

but, as you get when people have to head home before the last tube/train etc over here, the crowd wittled away and it was just the original 4 left behind: me & smith, and shane & renee... but after a big night on thursday night when I went out with my Recruitement Agency, I couldn't carry on.. so we made our way on a succession of night buses across town, and home to Barons Court via the ever-faithful N28!

we then find out this morning that shane dragged renee on to his local club, Turnmills, to continue their celebrations...! good work Wilke!

Congrats guys, and as i said in the card, our best wishes for all the exciting times to come..


Currently listening to: Oasis - Lyla (the first release off of their upcoming album, Don't Beleive The Truth)


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