Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Football in the park instead of Gym?

For the last 2 weeks, I've been joining a group of kiwi guys for a 6-a-side game of football (Soccer), after work on Tuesdays in Hyde Park.. Former work collegue Chris got me involved, and its proving to be a great after-work event, and with daylight saving really kicking in its proving to be a great way to spend the early evening as the sun goes down and all of the suits around the Mayfair area stroll home through the park, and all the joggers, walkers and bladers kill themselves running around the enourmous open space.

But we're not the only group making the most of it - as I walk down from the Marble Arch station along the Broad Walk next to Park Lane to where we play, the open mowed areas of the park are filled with similar after work matches, some not as serious as others! I'm enjoying kicking the round ball around so much that last weekend we dropped into Lillywhites again in Piccadilly to get me a pair of Adidas football boots so at least I look the part....

Since starting back at work at Ealing Council, I just haven't been bothered with returning to the in-office gym, so a weekly run around the park should do the trick instead..

Summer in London is looking great!


Currently listening to: Max Graham Vs Yes - Owner of a Lonely Heart (just released last week, this track is a fantastic re-mix of the original Yes song from the 80's, 'Owner of a lonely heart' .. a must have)


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