Saturday, May 28, 2005

An English Heatwave! The temperature hits 30 degrees for the day!

Today was the first time that we have actually felt like something resembling a summer might actually arrive! As predicted, the end of the week and this Bank Holiday weekend has seen temperatures in London rise into the 20's, and the poms are melting! As for me and cs, this is a perfect excuse to get on the short sleeve shirts and singlets, grab the plugga's out of the cupboard, open the apartment windows all the way up, and relish what is just like a warmish Brisbane winters day..

This afternoon, with the air-conditioning not working in my work office, I finished the day early (known as an taking an "early mark", and you can be assured I wasn't the only one!), and cs had been out and about shopping for food for a picnic in the Eel Brook Common near Fulham Broadway, for an early picnic dinner with friends Willow and Chris..

I'm still not done with raving about how good it is to have daylight-saving, because we all got to the park by 7pm, and still had 2 solid hours of sunlight to lounge around, kick the football, have a few drinks and a picnic dinner, and watch the world go by.



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