Sunday, May 29, 2005

England Vs the Barbarians at Twickenham

After planning a very relaxed and quiet Saturday, doing the shopping at the markets and laying low around the house, our good mate Dan came up with the goods with two free tickets from his work, to watch the England versus The Barbarians Rugby Union game, being played at Twickenham Rugby Stadium south-west of London.

Me and Dan down on the sideline

We only got a very late call up for the tickets (30 minutes before kick-off!!), so we dashed home from the North End Rd fruit & veg markets where we were at the time, quickly got changed and grabbed the camera, and raced out on the Richmond District Line branch and then an overland train from Richmond to Twickenham.. 15 minutes later we were seated in the monstrous stadium watching a one-sided match, with the game coinciding with the Lions tour of New Zealand and the majority of the top English players (such as Johnny Wilkinson) away.. It was still an entertaining game, with Wendall Sailor (formerly of Brisbane Broncos Rugby League fame) scoring two tries for the Baa-Baa's and running the poms ragged (he received the man of the match award), and Carlos Spencer, the NZ fly-half having a great game.. and the poms went down 52 -39.. despite this they still managed a very sad rendition of bloody 'Sweet Chariot' - i guess they are so used to losing that they have to sing it irrelevant of what the scoreboard is showing!

Full-time and the Barbarians have won this years challenge match; the English players head up the tunnel

A series of shots of the field from the stands


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